Postcard from Tunisia

The Amphitheatre at El Djem (Picture 1)

The Amphitheatre at El Djem (Picture 2)

Underground Tunnels of The Amphitheatre at El Djem

Balconies in Gammarth

City Gate - Mahdia

Main Street - Mahdia

The Mosque in Mahdia

Alley in Mahdia

Souvenir Shop in Mahdia

A pretty square in Mahdia

Time for a Coffee, Mahdia

The Fort at Mahdia

Inside The Fort at Mahdia

View from The Fort at Mahdia

Port El-Kantawi

Harbour Entrance to Port El-Kantawi

Pleasure Submarines at Port El-Kantawi

Souvenir Stall at Port El-Kantawi

A Galleon at Port El-Kantawi

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Created 19 January 1997